About us

We are small family company. When we were moving into our house couple of years ago I remember, how tough it had been to collect 150 boxes for the move. The banana boxes are great for many purposes - not only to pack and store things, but you can make a temporary shelves for your cloakroom, where they may serve for a long time prior you decide the final furniture. We trust in given word and reliability and will be happy to help you too.

The load capacity of one banana box is 30 kg and the size is 53x24x39 cm.

Time saving

Not willing to chase over supermarkets for boxes? We can do this for you.

Temporary furniture

Prior you make a decision which furniture you purchase, the temporary shelf can serve you even for years.

A sticker with every box

It is highly recommended to write on each box what the content is. We will provide you with a sticker.


Pick the boxes at our storage. Alternatively, we can deliver up to 15 boxes at your doorstep for 10 CZK per 1 km.

Refundable deposit

No more need of boxes? We refund the fee, please see the price list.

Price list

of moving boxes.

Number of boxes Deposit Lease back within 14 days Lease back within 21 days Lease back within 28 days Lease back after 29 days
1 – 30 pieces 40,00 CZK 20,00 CZK 15,00 CZK 10,00 CZK 5,00 CZK
31 – 50 pieces 30,00 CZK 20,00 CZK 15,00 CZK 10,00 CZK 5,00 CZK
51 and more pieces 25,00 CZK 20,00 CZK 15,00 CZK 10,00 CZK 5,00 CZK
Delivery: 10 CZK per 1 kilometer

Price list

of the cardboxes adjusted for chest or bookshelf - see the picture.

Deposit Lease back within 14 days Lease back within 90 days Lease back after 91 days
1 – 30 pieces 25,00 CZK 5,00 CZK 1,00 CZK
31 and more pieces 20,00 CZK 5,00 CZK 1,00 CZK
Delivery: 10 CZK per 1 kilometer

How many?

How many boxes can fit in which car type?

Small (like Skoda Fabia, Ford Fiesta) Medium (like Skoda Octavia, Honda Civic) Big (like SUV - Honda CRV) Pickup (like Renault Kangoo Express) Big van (like Ford Transit)
Up to 10 boxes Up to 15 boxes Up to 20 boxes Up to 45 boxes Up to 168 boxes

On average, how many boxes people need for a move?

1 person 2 persons 2 adults + 1 child 2 adults + 2 children 2 adults + 3 children
15 boxes 30 boxes 90 boxes 130 boxes 160 boxes

Order - Demand

Contact details

Storage addressŽelivec 280 (Hlavní), Sulice, Praha - východ

Link - map, Highway D1 - exit 15 - Velké Popovice or "old Benešov road" between Jesenice and Kamenice

Phone: +420 603238090

E-mail: pujcovna.bananovky@gmail.com


Monday to Saturday upon agreement

The Rental policy can be found below on this page.